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A journalist from the Guide du Routard (a traveller’s guide) once described the Lincele family as follows:

“Some people make collections of key-holders or beer coasters but the Lincele Family has been looking for much more bulky artefacts: lavender stills … a nice collection of red copper stills from 1626 to today, most of them found in the Alps of High Provence. In front of each still a description introduces you to the techniques of lavender distillation – naked flame, bain-marie, steam, a Garnier still (one of the two existing in the world). The museum has inherited this wonderful collection from the founder’s personal collection. Georges Lincele has travelled for 30 years the length and breadth of the region to find out exceptional pieces and in addition to the family heritage built up an ambitious and unique collection !”

Musée de la Lavande

Route de Gordes - D2 - 84220 Coustellet
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