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The tale says the lovely fairy Lavandula who was blond and blue-eyed was born in the middle of the wild lavender of the Lure Mountain. One day she was looking for a domain where to settle down looking at her landscape book she stopped on the Provence page. There she started crying at the sight of this desolate and uncultivated land when her lavender-coloured tears fell onto the page. As she wanted to hide her blunder she dried her blue eyes but unfortunately small drops spread out onto the page again !
Desperate she then drew a large patch of blue sky to rub out and forget those spots !
From that day on lavender grows on this land and the blond-haired girls of this region have in their blue eyes iridescent spangles of a lavender mauve colour especially if in a late summer afternoon they look at the metal sky falling over flowering lavender fields.

Musée de la Lavande

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